Best Practices

SHIMMER US best practices


*The top two most important steps to ensure the most incredible, longest lasting SHIMMER US tan are to fully exfoliate your skin the night before your tanning session and, after your first shower, continue to moisturize your skin morning and night.

BEFORE Session…

    • Exfoliate the night before your scheduled tanning session. Pay close attention to dry areas of the skin (usually face, hands, feet, knees, and elbows).  Removing dead skin with exfoliation will ensure a more even application
    • Use an oil free scrub. Oil based exfoliates will leave a residue on your skin
    • If you are showering the day of your appointment make sure it is 4 hours before your tan. Showering immediately before your tan will open your pores and the excess moisture may dilute your color
    • Shave too. Shaving the day of your tan may leave excess color in pores
    • After your shower limit the use of products including perfumes, lotions, sprays, make up, and deodorant. These products can inhibit the color and quality of your tan
    • Complete manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, and waxing prior to tanning session

DAY of Session…

  • Women wear a swimsuit, thong, or nothing at all.  Wear what you are  most comfortable in
  • Men are required to wear swim trunks or underwear unless special arrangements have been made prior to your scheduled session
  • Tanners, 17 years and younger, are required to wear bathing suits at all times
  • After your session is complete, it is essential to dress in loose-fitting clothing.  Tighter clothing may rub tan color off your skin and a patchy tan may likely result
  •  Wait a minimum of 9 hours before showering and, during that time, avoid perspiring and all contact with water

To MAINTAIN Shimmer…

  • When ready, take warm short showers and towel off gently – pat yourself dry
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize as much as possible – morning and night, before and after showers. Body butter is recommended
  • Avoid cleansers, shampoo, shaving cream, and lotions with mineral oil, fragrances, dyes, and artificial colors
  • Avoid long hot baths, the ocean, jacuzzi tubs, and chlorine. All will accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan more rapidly
  • If you must shave after your tanning session always use a sharp razor

Your SHIMMER US tan will last 6-8 days and can last longer if you follow best practices above.

Hands hold heart shape made from sand, Lanikai, Honolulu.